Wayne Kesselring, Project Engineer:
"This job was very difficult and several obstacles (presented themselves). The crew overcame them and stayed on job until complete. They could have left and come back next day, but did not. Chuck Price and all crews are very customer-oriented and strive to perform quality work on (each) job no matter the size. Very positive for both us and your company."

Bill Curtis, Project Engineer:
"I've worked with DK Industrial on several occasions and have been very pleased with (their) quality of work. (They are a pleasure to work with.)"

Greg Bonfili, Project Engineer (regarding work on installation of two clinker bucket elevators):
"DK always comes through. The job is always completed when it is scheduled to be done and usually better and quicker than expected." Greg adds, regarding a wet mill outage project, "This job presented some unforeseen problems and DK worked through them and still completed the job on schedule."

Mike Dickey, Maintenance Engineer:
"Always been a good experience."

Gene Rice, Project Engineer:
"(I) have worked with DK for several years- have found (them) to do the job asked and at most times go above and beyond what is needed to get the job done."

Ed Koppleman, Project Engineer:
"I have been impressed with the attention that your firm puts forward, the size (of the project) doesn't make a difference."

Jeff Everett, Project Engineer:
"We found DK to be very cooperative, polite and time conscience."

Gerry Nydam, Project Engineer:
"I have the utmost confidence in the work that DK Industrial can provide me and the other staff at Federal Mogul. Work completed is always done in a timely matter and outstanding quality of work. I think highly of the crews and project managers."

Rick Barrett, Project Manager:
"Very professional job."

Randy Kolb, Project Engineer:
"(We're) very satisfied. Please keep up the excellent work."

Mark Stickley:
"The men were good to work with and what problems came up they solved. Thanks you for a job well done."

Patrick Muldowney, President:
"Bryan Shanholtz and his entire crew were hard working, diligent, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. It was a pleasure working with them."

Randy S. Kolb:
"I would like to extend a big thank you for the job that Steve, Vern, and Eric did on line 8 hopper. They completed the job in a very safe and orderly manner. The management was very happy with the whole operation. The line started up with no problems and ahead of schedule. Thank you again and it was a pleasure working with those fellows."