The Situation:
In November 2000, we were contacted by an international environmental engineering firm regarding problems with one of their installed systems at a fiberglass tub and shower manufacturer. Two years prior, this firm had awarded the installation of a 200,000-CFM regenerative thermal oxidizer system to a 'low bid' industrial contractor. Shortly after completing the oxidizer installation, this contractor closed down and went out of business.

The Problem:
The work we were initially asked to do was simple and straightforward, Install some new baghouse frames. This work was completed on a weekend shutdown of the facility.

More Problems:
During the shutdown, the plant engineering personnel pointed out several other irregular conditions they felt existed with the original installation. These included but were not limited to sheared anchor bolts on a 400 hp motor/blower base, failed and missing machine base grout, inferior and incomplete welds, excessive ductwork vibration, misaligned couplings and couplings that had never been preloaded with grease by the original contractor.

Next Step:
Working as a team, the owner, OEM, and DK Industrial Services completed a thorough survey of the system and developed a plan to remedy the obvious discrepancies.

The Industrial Strength SolutionSM:
All aspects of DK Industrial's expertise were employed in the multi-faceted solution to a series of systemic problems. Our millwrights field-modified, re-anchored, and epoxy grouted the motor/blower bases. They disassembled, repaired, re-assembled and laser aligned the couplings to better than factory specifications.

Our fabrication shop created new stainless steel baghouse framework and rotary drive supports, which fitted perfectly. (The OEM told us their own shop could not have done as good a job.) Our engineers recommended and persuaded both the owner and the OEM to allow the pouring in place of over four tons of concrete into baffle chambers inside the existing ductwork to add mass and act as vibration dampeners. This unusual solution was incredibly effective in reducing the ductwork vibration and key to the elimination of stress cracking in the stainless steel ducting.

Technology Brought to Bear:
Our technology division, DK-Itech, used our vibration analysis equipment to dynamically balance the blowers. They used our ultrasonic probe to detect motor bearings that were about to fail, and our thermal-imaging camera to detect overloaded electrical panel connections.

It was the multi-disciplined approach to problem solving that produced this successful outcome on behalf of our customer and their customer... Another Industrial Strength SolutionSM by DKI.